I made a charm bracelet!

I made a thingSometimes I like to get a little artsy fartsy and make some crafts. (You can see the other things I have made here.)
Recently I made this awesome bookish charm bracelet!

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Present, Present, Present Time!

This year I used plain brown craft paper to wrap all of my Christmas gifts.  I think they came out pretty well, if  I do say so myself. 🙂  Here are just a few of the packages I have wrapped so far.

I made things…in 2012

I made a thing

A few years ago, I had a different blog, that is no longer working.  I salvaged some of the posts from that blog, and have been putting them on this one periodically.  I used to have a feature on that blog called Crafty Time! which I have turned into I made a thing.  Here were some of the things I made in 2012 that were posted on my old blog. Continue reading “I made things…in 2012”

I made a thing….Mint Chocolate Cookies

I made a thing


For today’s installment of I made a thing….I made Duff Goldman Mint Chocolate Cookies!  I found this cookie mix at Target, and decided I had to make these for Wade! He loves mint + chocolate.

I didn’t think about doing a blog post on it, until after I put the cookies in the oven, so you won’t get any pictures of me actually making the cookies, but just so you know, there was cookie batter everywhere. (I’m messy, much to my husband’s dismay.)

I also didn’t think to take a picture of the box, and apparently they don’t have a picture of what I bought on the internet, so here is the closest thing I could find to what I made.

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I Made a Thing…Canvas Art

I made a thing

Here is a collection of paintings I have done.  Again, all of them were painted by myself, however the original concepts came from online or in books. Continue reading “I Made a Thing…Canvas Art”

I made a thing…Stained Glass Coloring Pages

I made a thing

I am obsessed with these stained glass coloring books by Dover! I found a ton of them for only a dollar at half price books. They are so awesome! You can use crayons or markers or even watercolors. I love them! Continue reading “I made a thing…Stained Glass Coloring Pages”